Academy Aims:

To teach and coach the goalkeeper in the technical, tactical, physical and psychological aspects of the position of goalkeeper.
Never before has the number one position been more influential or demanding. The position requires a unique mix of mental strength, speed, concentration, bravery and technical ability – combined with hard work and dedication.

To succeed in such a specialist position requires specialist coaching.

Academy Objectives:

• To learn and enjoy.

• To improve technique through simple,realistic practice.

• To be hard working and open minded.

• To improve the goalkeepers understanding of the position.

• To give the goalkeeper the ‘Tools in the Box’ they require to be a successful, consistent,

reliable performer.

• To develop movement skills and patterns specific to goalkeeping.

• To look at how goalkeepers learn.

• To teach the key tactical aspects of goalkeeping.

• To help the goalkeeper with decision making and other psychological aspects of the position.

• To make the goalkeeper a consistent and a skilled performer.

• To ultimately improve match performance.

• To Assist Senior Youth Goalkeepers to Placement in College / University / Professional Teams. We have assisted many Goalkeepers with our contacts and inquiries from North America & Europe.

The Simon Smith Goalkeeping Academy is offering dedicated and serious goalkeepers from the age of 8 to seniors the opportunity to train like the professionals do, at an Academy dedicated to teaching and coaching goalkeepers to improve their techniques and skills, achieve their potential and ultimately improve match day performance.

At the Academy we embrace the Ice Hockey philosophy that the ‘Net Minder’ is king! We want to help goalkeepers to learn and fine tune all the techniques and skills required to become a top class goalkeeper, as well as giving them the confidence needed to play the position to the best of their ability - the rest is up to you!

The Academy program will cover all the main techniques and skills of goalkeeping: goalkeeping specific warm ups, handling, footwork, diving, shot stopping, one v one, crossing, dealing with the back pass, distribution; these topics will be covered in realistic match related practices - giving you the edge when you return to your team! Come and join us!

Simon Smith
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